Instem is our business process technology partner assisting us in our quest to improve today's way of life.

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About Instem

Accelerating Drug & Chemical Development Worldwide

Instem, delivering a lifetime of technology value.
We stay focused on maximizing customer investment returns by streamlining product development processes in ways that are proven, integrated and measurable.

Known for over 40 years as the leading provider of laboratory data and information management solutions for drug safety studies, we are continually extending our solutions portfolio into complementary scientific areas. We facilitate today’s necessity for geographically diverse, highly outsourced organizations while retaining a level of control and consistency that guarantees data integrity, information accessibility and regulatory compliance.

As well as highly focused departmental and scientific solutions we provide a range of Business Intelligence, Planning, Workflow Management, Dosage Formulation, Document Management and Report Compilation applications.

Our leadership position within the sector is built on a solid history of inspired, focused innovation and an unrelenting determination to deliver exceptional value and return to our customers, partners, staff and investors. The unrivalled scale and experience of our team ensures that we deliver not just the leading products but also the breadth of services that many clients now need to ensure their implementation projects go smoothly.

Whether it’s for internally developed solutions or when partnering to supply other leading technologies a key Instem guiding principle is that we only introduce new solutions or enter new markets where we believe we will develop a clear leadership position within a specific timeframe.

Clients can be reassured that whatever they buy today, will still be the leading solution tomorrow.