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Offering a growing portfolio of value-added software products

In common with many senior managers in life sciences companies, we are convinced that IT supplier fragmentation is creating a significant barrier. A barrier to realizing the true benefit of widespread standardization and data integration — something we fervently believe can radically reduce the cost and time of a customer’s product development.
That is why we are always researching and reviewing new solutions and introducing products complementary to our established offerings. We find ways to satisfy unfulfilled scientific or business needs, while minimizing our clients’ cost of ownership for technology that works for them, in furthering their mission.
By partnering with other technology suppliers and consultants, Instem looks to accelerate product adoption and market penetration, streamline vendor relationships and simplify lines of communication, providing clients with a single point of contact and a consistent level of world-class service.

Interested in partnering strategically with Instem? Contact us at:

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