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Instem Client

Services & Capabilities

At Instem, we go beyond what is normally expected, to maximize the value of our solutions through a formal structure of proven, best practice professional services delivered by our highly skilled industry and product specialists.

Our expert staff understands the drug and chemical development process and the relentless drive for R&D productivity. They see the world from our clients’ perspective, contributing a broad range of services from practical, hands-on assistance to thought leadership. From long experience they are well versed in all aspects of configuring and delivering solutions in both GLP and non-GLP environments.

By using our experienced Professional Services Teams our customers can relax – safe in the knowledge that their solutions will be implemented quickly and smoothly, eliminating much of the stress often associated with in-house deployments.

Specialized Solutions Program
Designed for clients needing a more tailored approach to implementation, training, validation and support services