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Provantis Portal

Provantis PortalToday’s research laboratories continue to look for ways to streamline their processes while increasing the quality of their study data. Ensuring seamless coordination between study partners and sponsors is also critical to a program’s success.

To increase the value of collaborative development relationships, key information needs to be timely, accurate and available on-demand.

“Day 1” Benefits

At a time when technology
solutions need to be truly
business-driven and deliver
immediate value, the
Provantis Portal offers tangible
• Reduce CRO-Sponsor-
  Partner reporting time
• Improve or replace current
  milestone reporting
• Increase study-based
  communications in less time
  with less resources
• Better program management
  across time zones & sites
• Easy access by support staff
  outside of the laboratory
• Enable faster decision
  making using live data
• Enable external sponsors/
  partners to perform simple
  analysis without being a
  Provantis user

The Provantis Portal enables CRO’s, their sponsors and study partners to browse and download Provantis® nonclinical study data in near real-time from any standard Web browser such as Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Access, Download & Exchange
Using the portal, Study Data from Provantis is available to be viewed and downloaded on-demand. The result data available is current and ‘live’ data, not audit or archive and, the time between a result being collected and published out on the Provantis Portal is 100% controlled by the client. If desired, clients can also limit the data collection activities available on a study-by-study basis.
Using the Provantis Portal, users can also exchange and access study-related documents and files.

Delivery & Access Made Simple
The Provantis Portal can be accessed within a client’s environment or using Instem’s SaaS model of delivery. Since 2005, Instem has utilized state-of-the-art data centers, which are being used by commercial, academic and government clients around the world for GLP and non-GLP studies.

Both MAC & PC compatible, the Provantis Portal can be accessed using a variety of modern browsers including Safari, Firefox and Explorer.

For additional flexibility, the Provantis Portal can be accessed using handheld devices. Adobe Flash is not used within the Web Application allowing for use on a wide range of devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Provantis PortalData Security & Access Controls  
Our commitment to data and system security remains a cornerstone of our technology offerings. Whether using an on-site or on-line solution, Instem delivers complete confidence to organizations of all sizes.
The Provantis Portal has its own security model independent of the Provantis suite. This extra step of security allows new external users to be added without gaining access to the rest of Provantis.

Value Added Feature!
Each of Instem’s customers who purchase the Provantis Portal has the ability to customize and brand their portal. They can upload their own logo which is used system wide; include their own Terms of Use, and more!