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Submit™ is a fully integrated nonclinical solution suite developed to support companies using
CDISC’s Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND).  

The submit solution suite converts data from any source system into SEND files and allows
sponsors, CRO’s and regulators to share, visualize and analyze study data more efficiently.

Business Benefits

  • Enables efficient electronic exchange between sponsors, CROs & regulators
  • Reduces manual processes & errors
  • Adapts as your data collection systems evolve
  • Creates SEND datasets in a few simple steps
  • Technology value beyond regulatory submissions


New! SENDView for simplified Data Review

Submit Capabilities

  • Creates SEND files from data management systems and files
  • Translates to controlled terminology with no change to data collection
  • Adds and edits data with audit trail
  • Produces and converts XPT, XML and XLSX formats
  • Manages SEND files received from CROs and Partners, and created from internal studies
  • Checks against SEND guide and 'good data' rules
  • Merges files to create a single comprehensive dataset
  • Enables efficient SEND dataset review

Submit is available as a traditional on-site software solution or can be accessed via the Instem Cloud.
Instem also offers submit-services where clients upload their data to have it converted and returned as SEND datasets.


Submit™ is part of the Centrus™ solution suite